Prehistoric remains

Kantabergsheden is an archaeologically interesting site with Sami hearths, ancient settlements, remnants of ancient forestry and tar kilns.

A lovely excursion featuring classic, northern pine-heath forest. A sturdy bridge makes it easy to cross the river Vistån, and the trail is straightforward to see and follow.

If it is the right time of year, you can pick and eat blueberries, a major advantage for parents of toddlers. The place is in the middle of nowhere: from the road past Södra Vistträsk you turn off near the bridge that crosses Vistån. Distinct signposts make it easy to find your way along the 1.5 km long archaeological path.

On Kantabergsheden itself there are remains from Sami settlements and hearths (fireplaces). There are also tree stumps of a very peculiar height in this forest. There was actually a time when trees were cut at a comfortable height, rather than as low as possible. Forestry brought with it the construction of so-called crown farms, many of which still remain and serve as housing. There are also tar kilns in the area.