Widen your views

Enjoy the fantastic view from the mountain Falkberget!

From Västra Falkberget the view of the lake system in the Vistträsk countryside is amazing. You reach it via the road Kullnäsvägen, a forest road that runs between Kisträsk and Kullnäs. About 2.5 km from the Kullnäs junction there is a barely driveable road in a southerly direction (to the right if you come from Kullnäs, and to the left if you come from Kisträsk). After around 2 km it ends with a wider area where you can turn around and park. From there you walk up the mountain towards the steeper part, the southwest side. You will have to walk around 700 metres and there is no path.

We recommend you bring a map.

The drive and the hike are definitely worth the effort!