From Delikatessfabriken with love

Genuine food delight and memorable dining experiences are created when you do the things you have longed for the most: a snowmobile excursion, a picnic, a mountain hike or Friday family time. Cold sauces and dressings from Delikatessfabriken are made to accompany you during these moments.

Delikatessfabriken was founded in Vidsel in 1999 and our products are still manufactured at the foot of the mighty Storforsen rapids. We create tasty cold sauces and dressings of the highest possible quality.

Sauces and dressings from Delikatessfabriken are naturally free from gluten, lactose, milk protein, GMO, flavour enhancers and trans fats. We make them to share northern flavours with others. A taste enhancer for everyone, simply put!

Phone number: 0929-300 80