Top of Älvsbyn

Top of Älvsbyn

Hike to the top of at least three of the chosen mountains in the municipality of Älvsbyn and participate in a draw where you can win gift vouchers valid in Älvsbyn's shops.

Top of Älvsbyn 2022
Klockstaplarna 233 m ö.h.
Korsträskfluren 245 m ö.h.
Trollkunoberget 275 m ö.h.
Östra Falkberget 289 m ö.h.
Kvällsberget 242 m ö.h.
Sikträskberget 364 m ö.h.
Kullberget / Gietkienåjvvie 481 m ö.h.
Kisträskberget 229 m ö.h.
Tjotterberget 257 m ö.h.
Kantaberget 382 m ö.h.

Bonus peaks 2022 (these can be combined with or replace one of the ten)
Rackberget 254 m ö.h.
Vitbergsknacken 558 m ö.h.
Hundberget 152 m ö.h.
Sarviesåjvvie 455 m ö.h.
Nakteberget 566 m ö.h.

Top of Älvsbyn starts May 1 and finishes September 30, 2022.
The task is to visit the peaks indicated on the card, more information: