Kanis Outdoor Recreation Area

Kanisbacken - full of action, family friendly and fantastic

Just around the corner, only minutes from the centre of Älvsbyn you will find Kanis Outdoor Recreation Area and Kanisbacken

It’s a ski and outdoort resort with everything you could possible wish for, ideal for adults and children alike. It features a range of secure children›s slopes and lifts as well as pisted runs of varying difficulty levels, a skicross track, a jump park, powder and beautiful cross-country skiing areas – yes, the list goes on! There’s something here for all tastes.

Foto: Sara Lindström

This fine old recreation area has been running since the 1940s, growing and attracting families and adventurers from near and far. Not unexpectedly it has a special place in the heart of Älvsbyn’s inhabitants. Whether you’re after a memorable family day out, adrenaline kicks, or peace and quiet at your own pace – Kanis is something you shouldn’t miss!

Here you will also find restaurant Canis and Kanisbackens Camping, and the forest is a great place for hiking and berry picking in summer as well.

Foto: Sara Lindström
Phone number: 0929-723 57
Email: info@kanisbacken.se
Website: https://www.kanisbacken.se