Baker Nilsson's Museum

The Bakery Museum

A tasteful experience.

Älvsbyn has a long baking tradition. It is no coincidence that one of Sweden’s largest bakeries – Polarbröd – is located here.
If you would like to experience how bread was baked a hundred years ago, we recommend a visit to the Bakery Museum.
Three generations of Baker-Nilssons have worked in this building, and this is where the one-penny-bread (tioöreskakan) was created, the precursor to today’s Polar Bread (Polarkaka).

The museum is open in summer.
Due to Covid-19 the Bakery Museum will be closed during the summer of 2020. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact Elise Greus on 010-450 60 00 or Hope to see you next summer!